[Book Ferret] My Little Black Book

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This week I want to talk about my LITTLE BLACK BOOK.
No, not that kind of black book.

This is the book that I always have with me whenever I read. I would write all my thoughts and make little notes about the book I’m reading for me to refer to when I’m writing the review later.

I love this little notebook because it’s light enough and just the right size to carry around in my bag (that explains the creases on the cover). And I love the sweet-smelling pages on the inside. And sometimes when I’m lazy to use a proper bookmark, I’ll use this notebook instead, especially for bigger books like hardcovers.

Let’s take a little peek inside, shall we?

Oops, sorry for the ineligible handwriting. They’re bad, I know. But it’s only for me to know =)

Do share with me your reading habits!


Anonymous said…
Oh, that's gorgeous, I love how worn it is...

I have a slim Moleskine notebook that I was using for a while. Lately though I've been going for a green option and using scrap paper from work to make A5 notepads for review notes and other scribblings.
I also have a small black moleskine notebook that is always with me while I'm reading to jot down notes. I use a mechanical pencil rather than pen though -- not that it matters :)
Trish said…
That's such a cool idea! I've often thought of doing that myself, even going so far as to buy a little pocket-sized notebook. But I never got around to actually using it for reading notes because I just can't bring myself to interrupt my reading long enough to make notes. Silly, I know! What I do have, though, is those little copper book-darts that I use to quickly mark a page or paragraph (or line or word) that I want to come back to. And then I'll take my finished and marked book with me to the computer and throw all my thoughts and notes onto my blog.
Anonymous said…
I also rely on coloured page flags when I don't want to interrupt my reading to take notes/quotes. I'm not averse to writing in my books either - I feel it enriches the text for re-reading, and writing in definitions for unknown words can be pretty helpful too. My Kindle is great for this in practical terms, although it doesn't live up to the feel of a real book.
I do dog-eared some of the the pages that I want to refer back to later and I underlined some phrases and quotes that I like.

I use the notebook when I want to note something that requires a lot of space.

Thanks for your comments, really appreciate it =)