Mailbox Monday [3]

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia @ The Printed Page, and hosted by Laura @ I’m Booking It for the month of March.

Here are the books that came into my shelves these past few weeks:

Day After Night by Anita Diamant – Recently read. Based on a true incident in August 1945 about four women trying to escape from the Atlit internment camp run by the British military in Haifa. Read the review here.

When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt – A story set in the 19th century about a poor girl named Irma who escaped her Italian village to work as a servant in America with the hope to achieve her dream of making dresses for gentlewomen.

The Atonement by Ian McEwan – A book that I believe doesn’t need an introduction. I have seen the movie and loved it, so I just had to read this =)

The Eight by Katherine Neville Here’s the prequel to The Fire, which I read earlier this month. Read the review for The Fire.

Interlock by Abdullah Hussain – Support the local writers. Here’s a book by Malaysia’s own National Laureate, whose book just got translated into English. Interlock covers the period from the early 20th century to Malaya's independence from British rule. The main theme in this novel is the integration of the various majority races of Malaya and how the Malays, Chinese and Indians, represented by three families, have contributed towards this sovereign nation.


bermudaonion said…
I've heard When We Were Strangers is really good! I got to see the author a few weeks ago and she's super nice. Enjoy your new books!
Teacher/Learner said…
Atonement is amazing! If you liked the movie, you will adore the book. Enjoy :)
Unknown said…
They look really interesting. Happy Reading!

Here's my Mailbox Monday.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the first half of Atonement - you get such an in-depth understanding of the characters; something that is impossible for a movie to convey.
For the second half I prefer to watch the movie though, since I'm not a particularly big fan of historical fiction.
Hope you enjoy the novel :)
Mary (Bookfan) said…
I read Atonement and then saw the movie. Loved the book!
Mystica said…
I am having Saturday by Ian McEwan in my Mailbox! When we were Strangers has also got so many positive reviews.
I saw atonement,but didn't read the book, your other books sound great, enjoy.
Holly said…
I've never heard of When We Were Strangers but it looks interesting. I've had Day After Night, the Eight and Atonement on my shelves forever now. I really need to get to them soon. Happy reading!
Unknown said…
We read Atonement for our book club - it was a great meeting. :)

Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi
marmalade said…
let me know about "interlock". haven't got the english version, but the malay one.