[Review] Strangers on the 16:02 by Priya Basil

Title: Strangers on the 16:02
Author: Priya Basil
Page: 107 pages
Genre: Short Stories
Subject: Love Stories, Railroad Travel
First Published: 2011

It’s a hot, crowded train. Helen Summer is on her way to see her sister Jill to tell her an awful secret. Another passenger, Kerm, is on his way back from his grandfather’s funeral. They are strangers, jammed against each other in a crowded carriage. Noisy school kids fill the train – and three of them are about to cause a whole heap of trouble. In the chaos, Helen and Kerm are thrown together in a way they never expected.

- Synopsis from back cover

I discovered Quick Reads while on a book-buying spree last weekend and although it wasn’t really my thing, I can’t resist buying a few because it’s cheap =) I could save these books for busy days when I surely would be needing a light – and quick – read.

I don’t think I can write an elaborate review about a book so short – I might just give the story away! The title appealed to me at first because I was not a stranger to the public transport, especially the train and like the idea of reading about something I can relate to my daily lives.

I’ll never feel the same way when taking a train again!