2011 & 2012 Recap


It was a wonderful year in books. Unfortunately I did not achieve the 100 books a year target - managed to get to only 59 - but I read some great stuff that year. Probably among the best books that I've read in my entire life! This was also the year that I had appreciation towards historical fiction - especially stories set in World War II.

Naturally, I read a few books from my favorite authors Paul Auster, Agatha Christie and Jeffrey Archer but I discovered many new authors - which I will definitely read more of their works in future; authors like: Maggie O'Farrel, Pam Jenoff, Sebastian Barry,  Julie Orringer, Paulina Simons, Jed Rubenfeld, Tatiana de Rosnay and Muriel Barbery.

Some of the highlights of 2011: Find reviews of these books at the navigation tabs below the blog header.


My focus in life shifted when I had a baby last year. I am sad to report that I only managed to read 7 books. But one thing that I am glad is that I finally got to read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I put off reading that book for the longest time because of the size but I was away from work for 2 months at that time and seemed like a good time to pick it up, so I did and enjoyed it very much. And oh, I discovered Kate Atkinson too and I just love her wit!

7 is a small number, I might just as well list them all here (as a reminder that I have a huge backlog of reviews pending!!!):


Trish said…
Anna K is an amazing book, isn't it? I finally got around to reading it just recently too, and now I want to get my hands on everything else Tolstoy wrote - including *gulp* War and Peace . . . ? Maybe? It's so huge, I'm scared.

You have some other authors here I'd like to try, like Paul Auster and Maggie O'Farrell.