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What Is It About New Years and Starting Over?

Right, I abandoned this blog again. I haven't posted anything in the last 10 months! Seriously, if a blog can collect dust this blog will be full of it by now. But here I am trying to sweep off the dust and start fresh for the new year. I need a little motivation - a brand new laptop would be nice, thank you very much. Ha ha. But I haven't stopped reading. Reading is my life. I am happy to report that despite my crazy schedules right now - with work and personal life - I read more books than I did last year. Well, I read only 7 books last year, so not that there's much achievement in that department! All in all I managed to read about 40 books, minus a few that I couldn't get myself past page 50. So I gave up, with the hopes that maybe I will be brave enough to re-attempt them next time. And my book collection has expanded. As per my yearly tradition I went to the Big Bad Wolf Books sale earlier this month to replenish my stocks (Read last year post below)! I