10 Good Things on a Monday [1]

10 Good Things on a Monday is a weekly meme by Brush Up On Your Reading dedicated to every person's compulsive list-writing.  Every Monday we are going to make a list of 10 things that will cheer us up and help us tide over the whole week.

I had a considerably bad Monday last week, so today I am going to make a list of 10 simple things that can make my stressful days a little bit easier to bear =)
  1. Doing a good deed by offering someone my seat on the train
  2. A hot and long shower after a hard day’s work
  3. Buying and wrapping new books (will make a post on the latter soon!)
  4. Reading a good book
  5. Reorganizing books in my library (truly a ZEN experience)
  6. Starbucks Hot Green Tea Latte. Or any Green Tea for that matter
  7. Turning on the radio and my favorite is playing
  8. Sleeping on a rainy day
  9. My couch
  10. Blog hopping
Hope you have a good Monday =)


Nina B. said…
What a very inspiring post! I especially liked 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7... Especially number 3 because I am such an OC about books. How do you organize your library? I usually separate mine into genres then according to author's last name.

I hope you have a really great week to make up for the bad one last week. And I hope it lasts the entire 2011 :D

Thank you for sharing your Good Things :D

Brush Up On Your Reading
Nina B: I used to organize my books by size but right now it's by author's last name. Maybe one day I try to arrange them by color instead =)