About Books Read and Currently Reading

It’s Sunday morning here in Malaysia. I have just finished reading Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton last night and the review is already up.

My plan for today is to start a new book by Agatha Christie, Murder in Mesopotamia. After two historical fictions I think I’d settle for this nice and cozy detective story for now. This should be a quick read but I hope my workload will not take me away from my book for too long =)

Moving on on a slightly different note.

I started this blog with an intention to chronicle and share my reading experiences about ALL books I have in my library (apart from the current reviews) and sadly to say, I haven’t done that yet. I think next week onwards will be a good start. It’s going to be an ongoing task – not to mentioned hard work what with trying to remember stuff and all – but it’s something that’s really important to me as I have this fear of eventually forgetting what I used to read =)


Trish said…
That's also why I started my book blog. I wanted to chronicle every book that passed through my hands. Not only the book, but my feelings surrounding the story, characters, settings, and authors too.
Agatha Christie has been an enjoyable read in the past for me. I need to finish (2) books this week: Matterhorn (about the Vietnam War) and The Emperor or All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.

We are gearing up for our biggest storm yet on Wed/Thur, on top of the 20+ " already on the ground. We are lucky if we see grass by June! Have a great week.
I know what you mean, I'm hoping to write a bit more about books that I've read in the past too. It's just hard finding the time between all of the current reviews!
Trish: Exactly. But there'd be a lot of memory searching though especially for the books I've read years ago =)

Diane: I can't believe I missed Agatha Christie when I was younger. Wow, you sure get a lot of snow where you live.

Sam: Maybe your idea of the weekly/fortnight meme is a good place to start. I'll definitely participate =)