Blast From The Past

Hello! While my counterparts in the West are just starting their day, I, in the Eastern part of the world has already seen more than 12 hours of Sunday and (sadly) beginning to feel the Monday Blues :( But anyways, Happy Sunday everyone!!
A couple of my previous posts have been book reviews, so today I thought that I would write something more personal. Since the last book I read was an Agatha Christie novel, I would like to tell you how my obsession with the series starts.
I bought my first Agatha Christie from a used-book store. It is situated on the top floor of an old building and they re-sell all sorts of second-hand, third-hand (who knows?) books, from old magazines to paperbacks to textbooks for schools and universities for very cheap prices (and you can bargain too!).

There must be thousands of books there and I almost run over them in my frenzy! It was in those towers of books that I discovered vintage editions of Agatha Christie novels that I just had to buy them. Most of the books are from the 1950s to 1980s editions and despite the yellowing pages and some torn edges, they can be considered as acceptable. And how I love the smell of old books!!
Loving the artwork on the covers too!!

And even though I have no way of knowing who the previous owner was, I couldn’t help but feel a certain connection with the past. And that’s what I am hoping to achieve with my own collection – forty, fifty years down the road I want to be able to have that kind of connection with them and I hope that when I am no longer in this world, my books will be the remnants of my life others can remember me by =)


Happy Sunday! It's only 9am here (London) but I already have back to work blues :P

That second hand bookshop sounds wonderful, the kind of shop where you never know what you are going to find.
KDinOK said…
I am so glad you did the post. I love used books because I too wonder who has read them previously and where they have been. I take books all over the world with me and I like to think that someone might think where has this book been when I pass it on.
Hannah said…
OMG! I am SO jealous of that bookstore! I've got a fantastic used bookstore about 20 minutes from my house that I absolutely adore, but I have to admit that yours looks so much more fun. Like...treasure hunting!

Good luck with book hunting there in the future. And...happy Monday. :-)
Darlyn said…
Loves used bookstores too! And sadly I have to admit I read nothing by Agatha in my life. I have to do a book hunt on this too!
Bev Hankins said…
Oh My Goodness! The picture of that aisle could so be Mason's! Shelves stuffed to the brim and books piled in front. I'm not only your newest follower I now want to come visit and go to that bookstore!

Gotta love those editions of Agatha Christie!