[Review] A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks

Title: A Week in December
Author: Sebastian Faulks
Genre: Literary Fiction
Subject: British Literature, Peoples & Cultures, London (England)
Page: 550 pages
First Published: 2009

I have never heard of Sebastian Faulks or any of his works before, I was merely intrigued by the book cover, the synopsis and a couple of reviews at the back of the book. I love books with many intertwining characters and to find out how these characters inter-relate to each other (talk about six degrees of separation here!) so when I embark on reading this book I was ready to be entertained. 

A Week in December to me was a disappointment – more due to my own fault. At the beginning of the book Mr. Faulks introduces the characters in a bullet-list from a guest list of a party hosted by the MP’s wife. There are only so many different characters that a person can take in a book. With so many diverse characters, it tends to get so confusing at first (I have to refer back to the list to refresh my memory) and I was not drawn to any of these people at all.

It meant to be a powerful novel, the topics that Mr. Faulks wrote about can be considered as spot-on social issues in the multi-faceted, contemporary world. But in the end, it has become too much of a work for me and I often find myself losing focus and had to go back to the beginning of a paragraph to gain my momentum back.

Nevertheless, I have to applaud Mr. Faulks for a very well-crafted, well-researched satire. Although I’ve clearly been struggling with it, I think I owed it to Mr. Faulks not to abandon it – but I may have defined a new meaning of “speed reading” with this one!


It's a shame you're not enjoying it. I have it sitting on my shelf at home waiting to be read, I think I'll wait until I have the time to concentrate on it properly.
Shy said…
The premise of this book is rather compelling but after the bad experience with another Faulks's work called "Human Traces", I think I ought to stay away from the author *lol*.

Perhaps I am just not his target audience but it is a shame to finish a book yet unable to enjoy it.

Hope that your next read will be better than this one. Have a great week!
Sam: Yes, the novel demands its reader's full attention. Maybe in different circumstance I might be able to enjoy it.

Shy: I am reading Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.. loved her books so I know I wouldn't be disappointed with this one =)
Athira said…
I do have this one on my TBR, but I'm with you - too many characters make me lose the thread of the novel. It will be a miracle if I end the book with a WOW.