Saturday Snapshot [1]

This week I decided to participate in the Saturday Snapshot meme hosted by Alyce at At Home with Books.


This picture was part of a “Wall of Fame” displayed at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre I visited a few months ago to watch the local adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. I was particularly awed to find many famous names from the performing arts scene around the world.


bermudaonion said…
What a great idea! I love that I can see a few author's names on there.
Trish said…
It looks like one of those clickable word-clouds you see on web pages. Yes, many fabulous names here indeed :)
Wow! That is impressive! Thanks for sharing and for participating.

Here's my snapshot:

(click on my name)
La Toya said…
Oh, I think I commented on the wrong post haha, I was admiring your picture and scrolled down to comment on the entry below! Oops!
All: Thanks for your comments on the picture. It's my pleasure to share them with you =)
Trish said…
Thanks for visiting and following! I returned the favour.
Sherrie said…
What an awesome idea! Great shot you took. Have a great day!

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Miranda Hardy said…
Wow! Very interesting picture. Wish I could see it in person.
Alyce said…
That is really cool! I recognize a lot of names, but there were many that are new to me too. It makes me want to check out all of them to see what they did.
Anonymous said…

You can find my SS HERE
Bev Hankins said…
Very cool! At first (as someone else mentioned) I thought I was looking at one of those word clouds.

Got mine up if you'd like to take a peek: