My First Blog Award!!

  What a sweet surprise on a beautiful Saturday morning!
  I received my first ever blog award from Nina B. @ Brush Up on Your     Reading.

  Thank you so much and Nina, you know you’re sweet too and I love your creative reviews. And thank you for your comments on my blog. Appreciate   it.

  You and ARGH deserves a hug from me =)

  Now to accept this award I have to confess to 4 Guilty Pleasures and pass this award to another 6 Sweet Bloggers.

First, let’s get the confessional part over with. And so, my 4 guilty pleasures:
  1. Fashion Police
    I hate to admit this, but the TV show is my biggest guilty pleasure to date! I don’t know, there’s something about Joan Rivers with her raspy voice and brash comments on celebrity’s fashion faux pas that never fails to make me laugh.
  2. Starbucks Green Tea Latte
    Once in a while I enjoy my favorite drink from Starbucks, Green Tea Latte (PS: I don’t really like coffee). I know it’s a healthy drink and I shouldn’t be guilty about it but I can easily get a Green Tea Latte anywhere else for half the price BUT I think no one makes it better than Starbucks!!! And to enjoy it with a good book … priceless.

  3. Driving Fast
    I don’t usually drive. I work in the heart of the city and I can’t stand the rush hour traffic so I’m content with taking public transport (i.e. the train … plus I can read on my way to and from work.. and that’s awesome!). But once in a while when I need to drive, I love to speed! I know it’s dangerous but something about the adrenalin rush that excites me!
  4. Facebook!
    The time wasted browsing Friend’s pictures on Facebook when I really should be reading.

Now I’m going to spread the sweetness around to (Nina, I would’ve passed it to you if you haven’t done it first):
  1. Sam @ Tiny Library
  2. Java @ Never Growing Old
  3. Alyce @ At Home with Books
  4. Juju @ Tales of
  5. Shy @ The Bibliophile’s Journal
  6. Lina @ Fingers in the Pie


Tales of Whimsy said…
Wow. Thank you! *hugs* and congrats! :D

1. I've never heard of Fashion Police!
2. I am SO going to try a Green Tea Latte now :) Have you ever tried a Green Tea Frap? Sounds good right? PS I LOVE green tea :)
3. I adore driving fast!

My 4 guilty pleasures:
1. Nerd comedy: I love shows like Big Bang Theory & The Guild.
2. The clearance section: I go right to it every time.
3. Diet Lipton Tea Mix: the stuff is like my crack ;) I like real tea but I am obsessed with good powder tea. I think its a side effect from growing up in the 80s (i.e. age of Tang and other powdered beverages).
4. Fingerless gloves
Juju: I love green tea too!! And I'm cheap, whenever there's good bargain I'll be there =)
Lina Shaik said…
Awww, thanks for spreading the sweetness my way. I'm more "coffee" than "tea", but I have discovered a recent addiction to Chatime Bubble Tea and Tutti Frutti froyo...heaven!
Shy said…
Thank you for spreading the love! I've to admit that I'm not a big fan of Green Tea. I think during the previous Chinese New Year, McDonald's did have a combo of Prosperity Burger that came with Green Tea (with Jasmine, if not mistaken). I tried that and I swear to myself not to touch green tea ever again. Guess that like Lina, I am also more to coffee than tea.
Java said…
Hi! Thank you so much for the award! I am honored! And congrats to you for winning it!!
Alyce said…
Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!

I'm sorry it took me so long to hop on over to this post. I just realized today that I hadn't made my way over to visit yet.
Congratulations on winning blog award.
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