[Review & Wonderful Wednesdays Ed. 4] The Thing About Jane Spring by Sharon Krum and She'll Take It by Mary Carter

Welcome to edition four of Wonderful Wednesdays!
Wonderful Wednesdays is a meme about spotlighting and recommending some of our most loved books, even if we haven't read them recently.  Each week will have a different theme or genre of book to focus on.

This week's theme is guilty pleasures.

Title: The Thing About Jane Spring
Author: Sharon Krum
Genre: Chic Lit
Subject: Romance, Lawyer, Doris Day
Page: 372 pages
First Published: 2005

At thirty-one, Jane Spring has everything a woman could ask for and seemingly everything a man could long for—great legs, brains, rising star status in the Manhattan D.A.'s office—but she just can't find a man who'll fall madly in love with her. Men are always lining up to ask her out, but for some reason no one wants a second date.

So Jane resolves to change her tack. One snowy night while watching a Doris Day marathon on cable it hits her: Doris Day always got her man. Trading her nondescript black pantsuit for petal pink Chanel and pearls, Jane dyes her hair, stops cursing, softens her voice, paints her nails— even her apartment—and embarks on a fun-filled journey to find the smart, sweet, gorgeous, capable, ambitious, courageous, loving, adoring, hardworking man of her dreams.

Title: She'll Take It
Author: Mary Carter
Genre: Chic Lit
Subject: Romance, Kleptomaniac
Page: 304 pages
First Published: 2006

I, Melanie Zeitgar, do solemnly swear I will never shoplift again. Ever! *Exceptions: Break-ups, weight gain, job losses, crummy auditions, great auditions where you don t get a call back, high Visa bills, cavities, the trauma of using automated telephone menus, surprise visits from Mom, no phone calls from CLOML (Current Love of My Life), and any other unforeseen tragic bouts of stress. Amen.

Melanie s biggest rule – life, love, and shoplifting – is this: Don t Get Caught. But sometimes, even the best klepto has an off day. Now, with every part of her life veering zanily out of control, Melanie s met a guy whose heart is hers for the taking -- if she s brave enough to pay the price...

All synopsis from Goodreads.

Like Sam @ Tiny Library, I have always prided myself on reading “worthy” fictions but once in a while when I like to take a breather and just enjoy the pleasure of reading, I would settle for chic lit. It has been a while since I read chic lit – I sort of forget about them when I discovered Agatha Christie – but these are two of my favorite titles.

Both books have interesting plots.

Jane Spring is a successful lawyer in Manhattan, who despite having everything in her professional career, cannot fathom why she cannot make a man stay after the first date. It does sound like a typical romantic comedy plot but here the author throws in the element of Doris Day makeover in the story. Doris Day is a perfect role model to emulate when it comes to the question of keeping a man. This is very cute, if not laugh out loud, a pretty funny story. Great for a quick read on the plane or beach.

She'll Take It, I feel is not your typical chic-lit story. For one, Melanie Zeitgar is a kleptomaniac (a word that I only learned after reading this book) who steals to lift up her mood whenever something bad happens to her. We see that this story does not only throw in the humor but contains the underlying moral message as well. Something bad happens to her and we can see how negative this impacted Melanie until the end she transformed to be a better person.


Trish said…
Heee yes chick lit can be guilty fun too. I really enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada.
I love a bit of chick lit too, sometimes your brain needs to relax :P
Tales of Whimsy said…
What fun covers.
I tend to steer clear of chick lit (I prefer the more serious women's contemporary) but I always love the covers.