[Review] The Gravedigger’s Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates

Title: The Gravedigger's Daughter: A Novel
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Page: 582 pages
Genre: Literary Fiction
Subject: Families, New York (State), Psychological Fiction
First Published: 2007

Fleeing Nazi Germany in 1936, the Schwarts immigrate to a small town in upstate New York. Here the father – a former high school teacher – is demeaned by the only job he can get: gravedigger and cemetery caretaker. When local prejudice and the family’s own emotional frailty give rise to an unthinkable tragedy, the gravedigger’s daughter, Rebecca, heads out into America. Embarking upon an extraordinary odyssey of erotic risk and ingenious self-invention, she seeks renewal, redemption, and peace – on the road to a bittersweet and distinctly “American” triumph.

- Synopsis from book cover

Well, not really a review because I did not finish it.

Joyce Carol Oates is a big name in the American literary world, imagine my guilt for not being able to enjoy this book.

I got to about page 200+ but couldn’t really immerse myself in the story. I finally had to remind myself that not all books are for everyone. This book will return to my bookshelf and hopefully I will be able to pick it up again in a few years time and finally get to enjoy it.


This one sits on my shelf unread as well. I had to have it, but have been avoiding it for several years. Don't feel bad:)

Have a great weekend.
I get guilt when I don't like an important or well respected book either. Well done for putting it down, I usually struggle through to the end without enjoying it!