[Review] The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Title: The Prince of Mist, originally in Spanish: El Principe de la Niebla
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Translated to English by: Lucia Graves
Page: 202 pages
Genre: Young Adults, Paranormal
Subject: Brothers and Sisters, Magic
First Published: 2010 (Spanish edition: 1993)

1943. As war sweeps across Europe, Max Carver's father moves his family away from the city, to an old wooden house on the coast. But as soon as they arrive, strange things begin to happen: Max discovers a garden filled with eerie statues; his sisters are plagued by unsettling dreams and voices; a box of old films opens a window to the past. Most unsettling of all are rumours about the previous owners and the mysterious disappearance of their son. As Max delves into the past, he encounters the terrifying story of the Prince of Mist, a sinister shadow who emerges from the night to settle old scores, then disappears with the first mists of dawn.

- Synopsis from LibraryThing

Carlos Ruiz Zafón has been one of my favorite authors ever since I fell in love with The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game. There’s something about those gothic, creepy and spellbinding mystery stereotypical of Zafón’s craft that really sucks you in the story. Reading his work has always been a different kind of experience. A good one indeed.

Originally published in Spanish in 1993 for young adults, The Prince of Mist was the first book written by Zafón at the beginning of his writing career. It has won awards and been a bestseller in Spain.

I enjoyed horror and ghost stories while growing up, R.L.Stine’s Fear Street series is my favorite. And if this book was published during that time I know I would have been very delighted. Reading this book now, I realized that the story transcends all ages and I enjoyed it as much as I would have back then. It was particularly easier to read compared to Shadow of the Wind or Angel’s Game but the reading experience was as fascinating, practically lost into another world.

Zafón’s next book for young adults called The Midnight Palace, already out in hardback. Love these hardback editions, they are so lovely!


I've not actually read any Zafon, even though I own The Shadow of the Wind. I really should get around to reading it!
Trish said…
I'm really looking forward to reading Shadow of The Wind. And from the sounds of it I should probably start collecting his other books as well - I love this kind of writing!
marmalade said…
hmmm. will try to look it up at the bookstore.
but mystery about a house? AGAIN?

he should not only move on from barcelona, but also on houses. huhu.
marmalade: The setting is not clearly stated in this story. But in the interview Zafon explained that it's somewhere in England =)