Theme Thursday [6]-Female Person

Theme Thursdays is a fun weekly event that will be open from one Thursday to the next. Anyone can participate in it. The rules are simple:
  • A theme will be posted each week (on Thursdays)
  • Select a conversation/snippet/sentence from the current book you are reading
  • Mention the author and the title of the book along with your post
  • It is important that the theme is conveyed in the sentence (you don’t necessarily need to have the word)
    Ex: If the theme is KISS; your sentence can have “They kissed so gently” or “Their lips touched each other” or “The smooch was so passionate”
This will give us a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand different writing styles and descriptive approaches adopted by authors.

Theme Thursdays is hosted by Kavyen @ Reading Between Pages.

As for the children. No gratitude from them either, ever. That brat Charlotte was the worst of them, the arrogant little cow. What she needed was a good kick up the …. As for Audrey – had there ever been a more self-obsessed child in the world? The way she wafted around the house  as if she was the bloody Lady in the Lake, it would make you sick. And Gracie? Well, all right, Gracie would be sweet, but if she didn’t watch herself she’d end up too sweet. 

- Page 39 – 40: At Home with the Templetons by Monica McInerney


Amy said…
Good snip-it! Happy reading!
Tristan said…
jeez whoevers POV that is they seem awfully bitter. Here my TT
Sherrie said…
Sounds interesting. Have a great day!

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Unknown said…
LOL, good one.

Here's mine:
fredamans said…
Great snippet, sounds like a fun read!
Bev Hankins said…
Ha! Great descriptions!

Here's mine:
Soooz Burke said…
Great description, I will have to take a look at this one.

My selection is a little long, but I love it's emotional impact take a peek here:
Cat said…
Ouch - someone does have a chip on their shoulder. Great snippet.
Sidne said…
stopping by to read your theme for thursday. check mine out too.
Landslide said…
Someone doesn't like kids...

kavyen said…
Ouch.. Is there something like being 'too sweet'?
Zion2622 said…
I am trying to comment on the Thursday Theme, but a little unsure if this is where I post. Having hard time moving around this blog, all blogs really but here goes.
Female/person (I think that's the theme)
"The woman I am today prefers to stay home, is still attracted to, but doesn't want to get caught up in, "the mix"."...........asha bandele
Nina B. said…
Hi! Thanks for the welcome back!

Happy Monday!

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