The Big Bad Wolf Books

So this is like a very belated post.

At the end of December last year, we went to the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. It was a yearly event organized by a local book store where they sell books (fictions, non-fiction, children's books, etc.) at super discounted prices -- mostly 70% and up to 90%!

I, a self-proclaimed book hoarder wouldn't miss this chance for the world! The place was huge and they claimed to have over 3,000,000 (yes, that's 3 million) books this year! Went there for 2 straight days :) And by the end of the second day, I had major back ache. Imagine carrying a 10-month old baby on the back for hours!

But worth the pain, indeed.
The damage: Few hundreds worth of books but I'm happy to got myself a few months' supply of reading materials. 

And guess what: Due to popular demand, it will be back at the end of this month!


I think you were very restrained, I would have bought a lot more than that! :P
Hi Sam. Yes, I think I was a bit restrained. I hope I will be able to make it to the Aftermath sale end of this month :)
Darlyn said…
Hi! Last year I didnt make it when I had to be out of town. But this year will be a different story. I'll block the dates just for this bargain!

Darlyn said…
Hi, Thanks for the heads up. This year, I will not miss it again. Haha.